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  • Is Picnic & Beyond a wholesaler or a retailer?

  • Currently, Picnic & Beyond is a wholesaler.

  • Where can I purchase Picnic & Beyond products?

  • Picnic & Beyond products are available for purchasing via our online store and on our partners' websites. You can click on the, "Buy Online “Tab, to view a list of our online partners.

  • Can you put ice directly into the cooler?

  • Yes, all of our products that contain a cooler have a plastic lining so that ice can be placed directly into the cooler without leakage or dripping. We do recommend using an ice-pack though simply for ease of use.

  • How long does the food stay hot/cold?

  • The insulation used in our baskets and backpacks keeps them at the proper temperature for 5-8 hours depending on the temperature when packed and the outside temperature. To keep your food at the appropriate temperature for an extended period of time, just add a hot/cold pack.

  • Does Picnic & Beyond drop ship the products directly to the consumer?
    Who is the title for shipper?

  • Picnic & Beyond will drop ship directly to a consumer on the desired shipping mode: UPS Ground, UPS 2nd Day Air, UPS Next Day Air, etc. The retailer will be the title for shipper.

  • Does picnic & Beyond have a minimum requirement for an online order?

  • No, we do not have a minimum requirement for an online order.

  • Does Picnic & Beyond accept Terms if our references are approved?

  • Picnic & Beyond cannot offer terms on drop shipments at this time. However Picnic & Beyond would consider this in the future based on your sales volume.

  • Where can I download Picnic & Beyond product pictures?

  • You can download all our product pictures here:
    Picnic & Beyond Product Pictures. (Click this URL to get download)

  • Where can I get Picnic & Beyond company's Product Information (Microsoft Excel Worksheet), Drop Ship Policy, Price List and Inventory Report ?

  • You can send email to to request above documents.